The BYKE Project is an outreach effort by Neue Creative that works to reach out to young people through BMX and cycling.  One of the major tools of the project is providing free bike repair events on the bicycles of young kids and teenagers who other wise wouldn’t be able to afford the repairs. As a company that is involved and connected with the BMX industry, we understand how important it is for young people to have bicycles, skateboards, or any other recreational “toys” that actually work and can be ridden. This project hopes to put smiles on young people’s faces as they see their broken “toys” being brought back to life.Most kids don’t know how to work on their own bikes and the ones in families with very little money can’t afford even the most minor repairs. There is no reason why a kid should have to be without a bike or ride one that is a “piece of junk”. It’s rare that you ever see a bike shop going into these neighborhoods to do such charity, and even if they had such an offer taking place at their shop location, how would the kids get there? On their bikes? This is why the BYKE project is so important. We take the bike shop right to them and it costs them nothing. This project helps young people enjoy some of the most basic activities involved with growing up.

We Love Bikes

The Byke Project team is comprised of BMX riders and avid cyclists who love and live on their bikes. Many of our team members compete on a regular basis and are heavily involved within the cycling community in the city. While some people “like” riding a bicycle from time to time, we “love” bikes and it’s a lifestyle to us. We take this lifestyle and love for biking into every project that we do and couple that with a passion for people.

We Love People

Every one of us involved with this Project has a true love for people and a passion to give back to the community. We have a desire to encourage and uplift the human spirit and we do so through our passion for biking. Our satisfaction comes from seeing smiles on peoples faces each time we do a project. Seeing young kids and teenagers faces light up after having a busted bike repaired or receiving a new one is very rewarding. We know that this project is more than simply fixing bikes or giving free stuff away. It’s about touching hearts and lives. That’s the business we’re in, touching lives.

Let’s Change the World

This project started in 2001 after seeing a need and doing something about it. We see a huge difference in the environment of a community after each project that we do. Kids riding around on new or repaired bikes with smiles, parents enjoying their kid’s freedom on the bike, and the community coming together for one day. The freedom that comes with having a bike that works is powerful for a young person and we want to harness that power and help change the world.