The Byke Project’s primary goal is to reach young people and we do this through special events called Byke Projects.  At each Project we provide free bike repair as well as give away free bikes to those that can’t afford to own one.  This is a day filled with bike repair, music, bmx stunt shows, giveaways, and relationship building with those in the community.  By the end of each event a transformation in the atmosphere is evident as kids are riding around on their “new” bikes and many adults and older teens are hanging out enjoying the days events.

Each event that we host is funded out of our pockets and private donations.  We are limited in what we can do and how many communities we can reach by the amount of funding available.  We are in the application process at the moment to obtain non-profit status which will open the door for more funding through grants and larger private donations.  Until then we do what we can to fund each outreach and effort.

If you would like to make a donation to the Byke Project you can do so via Paypal and your donation will go towards the following needs:

– Bicycle Parts (tires, chains, tubes, grips, pedals, seats, wheels, etc)
– New Sound Equipment (PA system, mics, amps, etc)
– Pop-Up Tents
– Bike Stands
– Bike Repair Tools
– Storage Rental
– Trailer Outfitting (we currently own a 5 x 10 trailer that needs some work)
– Purchase of an outreach vehicle (We’d like to purchase a large van that can be used to travel and serve as our branding vehicle within the city. )