The Flatland ComeUp

The ComeUp’s recent interview with pro flatlanders Alex Jumelin and Matthias Dandios is not only very entertaining but full of truth and a great perspective on flatland’s present and future.  I always enjoy hearing athletes share their perspective about the sport, just as much as I enjoy watching them ride.

I’ve had many opportunities to speak with Alex and Matthias and the last time I saw both of these guys together in person was in October 2014 at the Texas Toast Jam.  Because I know how hard Alex had been working to push the sport and himself as a rider, I knew how important it was for him to surprisingly win the Nora Cup award for Flatland last year.  I feel he deserved it and I’m sure he’ll keep pushing flatland for years to come.

This interview was full of so many topics and my purpose for this post is not to recap or give a detailed review, but rather, I want to share what I got out of it.  This sport is so small and Alex’s opinions about the sport, mainly the state of flatland in the US seem to have caused some “hurt feelings” amongst other athletes.  As a US flatlander I didn’t pick up anything that would cause me to “hate” Alex for his opinion.  As with any perspective or opinion from a athlete I’m mature enough to take in what I agree with and spit out what I don’t.  I wish that we could all do that, and it’s sad that some have chosen to attack Alex for his unpopular opinion.